Thursday, June 27, 2019


A hot day was coming and after taking my sweetheart to the airport I found myself near a favorite section of the Farmington.

I set out up the river from Tariffville.  With the heat of the day already arriving, it would not be a long trip.  This section of the river is one of the better.  Although there is road noise from a minor two-lane road that follows much of the river, there are few houses and no golf courses and the river bank is nicely forested. 
Catalpa tree blossoms
It is the beginning of the catalpa blossom parade.  The river has numerous catalpa trees growing on the banks and they have all bloomed.  The flower is exceptional and they drop every so often into the river and float downstream.  Later on the blossoms will drop something like one per second from any one tree.  For now, it is a less frequent.

I paddle up for an hour and a half seeing only one group of Boy Scouts who are floating and crashing their way down the river.  Then I turn and head back. I pass the Boy Scouts again.  They are none too diligent about this canoeing thing.

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