Sunday, April 14, 2019

Lieutenant River

April 13, 2019
It's a low tide when I head upriver through a thin fog that obscures the world outside of the river.

The Boulder Swamp is living up to its name today and I have to pick my way carefully though.  With glare on the water and no wind or current, there is no water to "read" and I know well enough that there are boat scratchers lying just a 1/2 inch below the surface.

I head up the creek that comes in from the east, weaving through rocks and gravel bars with only one short wade required where I just can't get the boat turned where it needs to go.  There are beaver in this area, but I don't spot anything that I see as fresh sign.  There was a dam above the bridge, but I can't get up that far on this water level.

Back in the Boulder Swamp I spot the Eagle nest that I had been looking for on the way in.  I'm surprised that I did not see it as I had clearly been looking right at it.  One Eagle is on the nest and the second comes through while I am there.  A third immature is nearby, and I spot a fourth, then a fifth as I head down the river.
Osprey are building a new nest on a power pole at the old bridge crossing.

I pass my put-in and head down into the back channel of the Connecticut River as far as the Watch Rocks, and then take the brief tour of One Mile River.  There, I spot 2 Great Egrets and and sixth Eagle, an immature.

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