Saturday, April 6, 2019

First Egrets

We set out a few minutes before high tide and head straight away up the Neck River.   It is a most fine day with sun and temperatures already climbing past 50 degrees with a onshore wind between 5 and 10 mph.
There may be a few more Osprey in the marsh, but it doesn't appear that all of the pairs are at their nests.  There is a new natural nest near the meeting of Bailey Creek and the Neck (if it was there last year, I don't remember it, although it has been a preferred perch as long as I've been around).
We continue into Bailey Creek and then into the Sneak, which is full width with the tide maxed out.  But instead of continuing into the East River, we take the meandering Long Cut that will return us higher up in Bailey Creek.  We follow the creek up to the impassable and unfortunate culvert/road where we pause for several minutes after noticing that we are surrounded by a large variety of birdsong. 
We return via Bailey and the Neck River fighting a little headwind but with a ebb current underneath.  I spot an Egret too far off to get scale it, I suspect it the large Great Egret as I see no yellow in the feet.  S can now take credit for her Egret sighting as we drove to the launch.  These are our first Egrets of the spring.

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