Sunday, August 12, 2018


Three Green Herons, two Snowy Egrets, six Crows, three Black Crowned Night Herons,  several Osprey, a Kingfisher, four Mallards and one Great Egret...that's less than ten minutes into today's trip down from Foote Bridge. 

I started up in the forest at the tiny bridge where Bear House Hill Road becomes a rough double wide dirt trail.  It is a very high tide peaking a bit after noon and my journey down the river will be against a sturdy flood current.  But the trip is of such a length that my return leg will be in the direction of the last of that flood.  The weather is in the 80's and humid.  Fortunately, it is overcast with an occasional sprinkle and a variable breeze that feels quite pleasant, when it bothers to blow.

The Sneak
The middle marsh is relatively quiet compared to the forest marsh that I just left.  I add a Great Egret and a couple of Great Blue Herons to my count.

I head down through the Sneak and into Bailey Creek where I spot my first Willets of the day.  only a few of the Osprey are on their nests, and this is due more to convenience rather than need.  There are six in that tree, four in that tree, and three on the pilings by the dock in the bend.  It's Double Osprey season for sure. 
Laughing Gulls are perched along the section of the Neck River that is nearest to the sound. 

I make my return up the East River, adding ten Willets.  As I near Cedar Island the corner of my eye catches a dark bird turning low over the spartina before disappearing.  I exit the canoe and take a few steps hoping to flush it.  A Harrier takes wing and flies a few yards before settling.  I haven't seen a Harrier since this spring.

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