Saturday, August 25, 2018

Branford River

It wasn't my intention to be here, but here I ended up, the result of some truck that is scattered all over the highway several miles further on.  In fact, it is only my second time on this river.  And, that is because once I have traveled this far, the East River is just a few more miles, and the East River is so much better.  But all places need exploring.

I put in at the popular State boat launch. Next to me is a cigarette boat and its multiple unmuffled V-8 engines drown out my vulgar commentary on the boat and its owner.  Most people head downstream from here, I head upstream...rather quickly to get out of earshot of that stupid craft.

For about a mile it is marina backed by old industrial buildings.  The first bridge filters out any boats that are higher than 30 inches.  It's fairly nice at that point.  Two more bridges, that come in quick order, lead to the High School Marsh.  I spot several Great Egrets and a Kingfisher.  8 Osprey are circling but the audibles coming from the trees figure the total to be more like 12.  At the far end of the marsh I flush a hundred Canada Geese and a few Mallards. 

Then, as the river nears the center of town, it narrows and settles down below the higher land that most of the town is built on.  I duck some branches, but the high tide gives me plenty of water to continue paddling.  It's forgotten water, out of sight, out of mind.  It's a bit industrial, but it is also a bit untouched since no one would think to come here.

I pass through a long tunnel under the main highway.  Here I find shallows that need to be waded, which I think I will save for a later trip.  I'll check the map and see if the effort will be worthwhile.
immature Yellow Crowned Night Heron
In the mean time, the tide has crested and I ride a light ebb current on my way out.

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