Monday, August 28, 2017

Green Heron Day

We put in from the forest at low tide, wading for much of the first few hundred yards, as we expected.  This was probably S's first time here at low tide and she delighted in the ferocious antics of the easily seen crabs that we disturbed as we made our way down stream.
 We kept the trip short, paddling only as far at the truncated ox bow.  There were fewer egrets today although we did see a couple Greats and two or three Snowy's.  We also spotted several Grest Blue Herons, Kingfishers, Yellow-Legs and Sandpipers. 
The highlights were the Green Herons, which seem to be numerous at this time of year....thousands of tiny fish being a big feeding draw no doubt.
With so much food their shyness seems to be tossed out the window and we sat and watched one feed for several minutes before resuming our wading.  The plumage details are quite amazing if one can get close enough to see them.

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