Monday, August 14, 2017


 I set out from Ely's Ferry hoping for a more spiritual day than what I found.  There is an Osprey nest just a few yards from the put-in.  Today it was occupied by a young eagle.

 Large boats were speeding up and down the river throwing moderate wakes my direction.  I crossed the channel and headed up river behind the first island, well clear of the navigation channel.  Of note were numerous terns working the shallow waters of the extensive sand bar on the upstream end of the island.
 The Selden Channel is usually a peaceful place.  It is a mile or so of clear running water between two broad marsh regions and some forested bluffs and hillsides. Not long after I entered I was met by a jet ski traveling at well over the 6mph speed limit.  He cut his speed when he saw me, knowing well enough that there was a limit in that area.  I paid him no attention other than to spit over the side of my canoe in his direction as he passed.  Sometimes, I am not so spiritual.

 More Terns were active in the sand bar down stream of the channel. 
I almost passed a Green Heron without noticing about 3/4 of the way up the channel.  It was wary of me, but not so much so as to cause it to fly off.  

Green Heron
I returned the way that I came, steering clear of the fast boats, and remembering why I don't come here in summer.

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