Thursday, July 13, 2017

In the Heat of the Day

I don't get started until early afternoon, a short trip planned to clear the head and get some fresh air in the nearest marsh at the mouth of the Housatonic.  It is high tide and it is hot with a haze of clouds that seems to reflect the heat back at me.  But, there is also a good stiff and steady breeze and for once, paddling into the wind is preferred.  In fact, I don't stop to write on this short trip because I'd rather not sit still and bake.
The surface of this salt marsh is about a foot or so lower than the one over in the East River, where I frequently paddle.  So, the long variety of spartina is dominate here whereas the short version covers most of the East River marsh.  Spartina Alternaflora, the tall grass, grows where its base is flooded on a nearly daily basis.  What is most impressive to my eye is how lush the marsh has become in mid summer.
 I spot some Snowy Egrets, a single Great Egret, four Yellow Crowned Night Herons, two Great Blue Herons, four swans and several osprey.  The center nest looks like the young haven't quite learned to fly although I'm not here often enough to confirm that.  Anyway, two adults and two young are on that nest.

On the tip of Milford Point are a Willet and an Oyster Catcher.

Trip on July 12, 2017

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