Saturday, July 8, 2017

Calm Day

I headed up from the sea, first into the Neck River, then Bailey Creek, next through the Sneak, and then into the East River.  The tide was still approaching high and I would have the current with me for a mile or two.  It was calm and mostly overcast.

I was in a mood to move.  The motion picture that moving creates held me in awe with unwavering attention.  So much so that I did not stop to write.  I took a few photographs when the importance of it deemed so, but otherwise I just kept paddling.
Cedar Island from Bailey Creek

I noticed a few dummy Wren nests.  They are unusual in that they appeared new and were made of still green cattails.  I would expect that real nest building would be well over.

GBH at the upper Big Bend
I went about a 1/3 of a mile above the Foote Bridge, just up to where the tangles begin.  Then I returned catching the ebb just as I got through the Sneak again.  It was an exceptionally fine paddle.

I had a nice chat with the State Boating Safety Checker at the launch.

I saw a pair of Glossy Ibises, four Great Blue Herons, many Osprey, a couple Kingfishers, and the usual Wrens and Seashore Sparrows.

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