Sunday, June 4, 2017

Washed Out

I put in at Pilgrim's Landing and head upriver into a falling tide and a following wind that is of little consequence.  In fact, neither the tide or natural river current makes much of a difference here in what is more than anything a large marsh backwater. 

 It is sunny although all along the horizon is a layer of stratus clouds.  It is the signal of a change in weather and within an hour the day is overcast, although with little threat of any rain.

The Canada geese have left their nests.  I spot two sets as I paddle in, and judging by the size, the first family might be a week to two weeks old, the second family perhaps three weeks old.  I spot occasional Great Blue Herons and Great Egrets as well.  The Osprey are around as usual at this time of year, of course.  The birds of note today are the marsh wrens.  While they do quite well at staying out of my sight, they call relentlessly in attempt to attract mates.  They seem to be everywhere.  I do find a few nests, but these projects appear to just be starting.  The male will build up to 15 nests in a fairly small area while trying to attract a mate.  Today, I never find more than 2 nests in close proximity.

It is, for myself, a rather lazy day.  I am quite washed out from yesterday's long trip, both physically as well as soulfully.  The earthier wording for such - my bullshit alarm has been reset to zero.

In the cove that leads to the small bridge I find a mated pair of eagles.  There is a nest in the next cove up, maybe a 1/3 mile distant.


nsarmila said...

dear mr.Scott...
hope you didnt forget me...i am sarmila your follower of this blog from starting. today i was reading Walden. when i read a reference to Minnesota i thought of you....

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nsarmila said...

read your last post. your ospreys and herons...thank...sarmila with love