Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Visible Doubling of the Population

I set out from the forest end of the river not so early in the afternoon and just 15 minutes before high tide would peak at the mouth.  With the tidal lag of 4-1/2 miles I had a light upstream current to paddle against.
 Several Osprey were about in the area around Duck Hole Farms.  Four circled high on updrafts while three others flew down low among the riverbank trees. 

I noticed the first of the Willets when I reached the upper Big Bend, first a distant call, then the sight of one speeding from one spot to another.  More important was that each of the Osprey nests had one or two perched up high on the edge of the nest.  The young birds are no longer hiding deep down in the nest but instead are standing tall and showing themselves.  I saw none of these fly today but the adults were out and away from the nests.  Perhaps a method of warning the young ones that they will need to learn to take care of themselves. 
Down below the railroad bridge it seemed that the adults had all taken perches on the conservation easement signs that were planted in the salt marsh last year.  So nice of the state to provide such nice perches.
This is the time of the year when the Osprey population visibly doubles.  Somehow, I did not take a photograph of the Osprey.

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