Thursday, June 18, 2015


I set out downriver through the trees marveling at the bumper crop of poison ivy that fills the forest floor.

Before reaching the great marsh, I spot two adult swans with three cygnets, one of which has been born white while the other two are the usual grey.  I have never seen a white cygnet.  They are still smaller than an adult teal as well as being quite fuzzy.  I suppose that they are not more than a week old.

The open marsh is in full space between the plants, it is just stuffed with cattails, wild rice and others with names I can't remember.  Wetlands like this produce more biomass per area than any other ecological land classification.
It is still.  It is amazing how still I can find it given that I am paddling and in motion, yet I find the moment quiet, peaceful and reflective....finding calm in motion.

We have a visitor this week and everything is plans and talk.  I contrast that to the canoe trips that I have taken others on.  And, while I can chatter a blue streak at the duty to key my friends into what they are seeing or what they should've noticed, eventually I do go silent and let them find things by themselves.  These silences in the canoe are some of the best conversations that I have ever had.  The silences do much to cement good friendships.
yellow breasted flycatcher...first time I've seen one

I prefer to have the important parts of my day reveal themselves rather than have them show up as planned.

Mattabesset River

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