Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Motorboat Lake

It's a big lake, actually a reservoir, although it should be a river, but when the current is brought to stagnation how can it be.  I set out from a nice cove that has forested hills on three sides and I turn upriver just because there is more in that direction than in the other. 

Rounding the point I begin by flushing and pushing at least two black crowned night herons up the shore.  They move from tree perch to tree perch as I approach, then fly across the lake and let me pass.
black crowned night heron
It doesn't take long to get the character of the "lake", and although it isn't consistent, for the most part it is a motorboat lake.  Beach cottages begin to crowd the shoreline and crowd each other...shoe horning.  I've never much liked lakefront cottage developments.  It's so much something that I would not do that I'm suspicious of the people that buy cottages that are all jammed together like these.  My imagination can't get much farther than heavy drinking and motorboat driving.

I get out a bit over an hour with not much change in sight other than a stiff wind developing that will make the return into some work.  Working against the wind on the return keeps my mind off of "it".

Lake Zoar, Housatonic River.

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