Sunday, May 24, 2015

The End of Sane Season

It's the end of the sane season - October and into May when most people think that it is too inclement to be on the water.  Memorial Day weekend is the traditional first day of the Insanity Season, a day when everyone goes to the water, whether they should or not.  For me, it is a day to lie low.

I take S for her first trip to Messerschmidt Pond.  The pond is surrounded by trees and well enough back from the coastline, which is windy today.  It is also limited to paddles and small electric motors.  I expect a fair number of boats, but we find just a few.  We steer clear of the others, passing behind islands and rounding points... everyone has the pond to themselves.

The trees are well leafed out now and the birds are difficult to spot.  But, the pond is mostly quiet and the singing of songbirds reaches out to us the entire time. It is one of the most restful days that we have had on the water.

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