Wednesday, May 6, 2015

New Waters and a New Bird

I started out to explore a tidal river that I haven't seen before, but the tide thought otherwise and I found less water than will float a canoe.  I'll need mid-tide and will have to come back later.  But, not far off was a pond that I had passed on numerous occasions that deserved a visit.
Messerschmidt Pond
I set out, greeting a fisherman that was leaving without luck, at least as far as catching fish went, because I imagine that the morning was beneficial even without fish.  It is not a large pond, surely less than a mile from end to end, but it has an undulating shoreline with several coves and a few islands.  Follow the edges and it makes for a long enough paddle.
Right away I notice a tang in the air.  It is an earthy sharp aroma, a desirable oak scent that would be good on the edge of a cheese or meat.  It might be something in bloom, but it smells more like leaf dust being kicked up by raindrops from a light sprinkle as the drops strike the forest floor. 
goose nest...and defensive posture

I follow the edges, a forested shoreline with the right amount of shrub and brush, good habitat for all.  Once around the points at out of line of sight from the road it goes quiet and birdsong and rain patter make the soundtrack. 

There is some beaver sign - scent mounds as well as cuts... not a lot, but some.  I don't spot any lodges, so they're probably bank beaver.  I find a goose nest on one of the islands in the center of the pond.  And a yellow bird half hearted plays hide and seek on another island.
Phrothonotary Warbler...apparently a rare visitor to NE

but pretty obvious and easy to ID in the bird book

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