Sunday, June 6, 2010

Warm calm rain

S and I portage down to the big lake. She laughs and calls me a curmudgeon when I make disparaging remarks at one of the Can People, until one of the Can People guns her motor needlessly to squeeze between her and two bicycles. It is warm and calm, overcast with light rain, and sleepy, but with the freshest of air. S relaxes in this stuff, her paddling gets a little too slow and she loses her focus, which is alright by is good for her. She asks if we can go someplace quieter - a confusing question... yes we can go wherever we want as far as we want, but only at 3 miles/hour. When we get to Union Bay, we cross NW to the north point and then slip a ways up into Ravenna Creek. We see several cinnamon teal - the male a beautiful shiny red-brown. They summer here while the other varieties of teal are found in these waters during the winter. We pass through the crossing under place, which is unusually calm for a summer Sunday. The clouds and rain have so many thinking that there is something wrong with the day.

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