Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Bee Bus

I've no focus today and I figure that I might as well be doing nothing in my canoe as well as at home. I portage east to the big lake and when I get the canoe loaded, I continue east to the far shore. Halfway across I notice that a bee has landed on my camera case. I don't paddle across the lake that often, but this is the second time that a bee had landed on my canoe. A mile from land seems a long way for a small insect. It is tired and not interested in leaving. I set it on the center thwart so that I can use my camera, but it prefers my backpack, black and warm by what little sun there is.
I follow the far shore north until I pass under the big bridge, then I head back west. It is calm and not quite warm, but almost. It is a day that saps ambition. I head over to the big beaver lodge and drop the bee off on a beaver chewed log. I imagine the bee is not long for the world and lost from its hive, but this seems like good place.

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Kathleen Faulkner said...

We love our bees.. Nice photo.