Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Stay in the Canoe

A cold front swept in yesterday bringing the fewest of snow flakes at first, but leaving some sleat on the ground where I portaged to the lake. This frosty morning, my head needs to go someplace where it can think by itself without my help. As usual, lately, this is more likely than not my canoe. The canoe is not for everyone, or hardly anyone for that matter, but it works for me and I don't question it, but just accept the fact.The water is up some more and I paddle the edge of the marsh in the south end of Portage Bay. In mid-winter, the water is too shallow for me to get within 30 yards of the shoreline. Then I head through the "crossing under place" into Union Bay, following the north side of marsh island, passing a favorite nurse log along the way. I turn south into the lagoons, and find many geese mixed with the typical ducks and two great blue herons. While sitting still, the geese come to examine the side of the canoe. I try to record some sound effects, but operating the laptop computer while canoeing is too damned difficult and it removes me from "the canoe". I put the bastard away and enjoy the rest of the paddle, weaving through cattails and taking a raw cold wind on my skin.

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Bonnie said...

You may just have to get a voice recorder