Monday, July 20, 2009

Morning Paddle

I put in at the south end of Portage Bay, maybe 200 yds west of where the portage that gave the bay its name was located. I'm in the water by 7am.

Exiting the east end of the cut, a bald eagle circles to my right, its head down looking for prey.
There are many rowing shells out at this time of the morning on such a nice day.
I enter the channel between the marsh islands and the west shore. A heron guards the entrance, standing tall and erect in a pose that is a cliche'. Then, an eagle sweeps across at a high speed. I think it is duck hunting. It circles behind me and sweeps across once more some 200 yds ahead with its wings set, for sure on the hunt.
Pond lilies are just starting to open for the day. They close each night.
I lodge my canoe into the branches of the winter eagle perch in the NE corner of the bay, disturbing a heron that flies off just 50 yds, waiting for me to leave.
Ducks and geese are beginning to flock in mid bay. Most are adolescents that can't fly, yet. This might explain the eagles duck hunting behavior. A non-flying duck would have to act much like a coot, the eagles favorite winter food, swimming and diving to evade being dinner.
I cross the bay, round the south side of the burial island and take out.

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