Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's like spring all over again

I put in at the north end of the big lake. I hoped to retrieve some plastic debris from the shoreline, but a 15mph wind out of the south blowing over 15 miles of lake disagreed with that idea.
I headed straight into the wind and small whitecaps to round a long fishing pier. Then towards the Samammish River broadside to the waves. The spray is warm, warmer than the 60 degree air. The mouth of the river is busy with birds. Many ducks with ducklings about and a heron every 200-300 yards. I see several kingfishers also. About a half mile into the river I head up a tributary, Swamp Creek. The log jam in the photo is about as far as one can get. It has more jams upstream of this first one. I collect my garbage here, "heading it off at the pass" before it gets to the lake. It is interesting to see what Lynnwood and Bothel youth are drinking these days, mostly little one ounce bottles of liquor and cheap beer. I return downstream, paddle south on the lake shore and out of the wind for a stretch. Then I head out into the middle of the lake and downwind back to the put-in.

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