Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer is here

Back in the water after a week exploring the desert. Summer is here, the water feels warmer, lily pads are growing in the marshes. I set out from the big lake today, heading north. I shoot a photo every 100 strokes, but when I start collecting garbage, I lose count. It's a project for some other time. Lot's of geese in the water now. They have hatched their goslings and are done with their nests. As I get into Union Bay, there are also lots of dead little fish. Seems like too many, but I'm no expert. Crows are enjoying the bounty, but I'm sure herons and eagles prefer live food. I also notice some large carp-like fish. Probably escaped Koi (goldfish) ie fancy carp. They are wrestling in the lily pads. It is a pleasant day with a light wind and plenty of sun. I pick up about 20 gallons of junk, 3/4 of it I can use in my sculpture, the rest is disposed of properly. I also pull out two car tires. I don't feel like getting deep into fetching plastic from the marsh because I get tired of netting dead stinky little fish.

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