Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Around the Lake in Eighty Days

80 days of canoeing and blogging since November 21. K joined me today. We walked the canoe east to the big lake, which was much choppier than expected. The wind was from the SE, but with ten miles of like behind us, the waves were bigger and more irregular than expected. No photos during the first mile as I needed to keep the boat on course and we were taking some water in over the gunnels every once in a while. The water is reasonably warm and it isn't uncomfortable to be wet, unlike in the winter. Once in Union Bay, the waves subsided, as expected. In the NE lagoon, we spotted several wood ducks and two eagles. There were some herons about, but the cattails, irises and other vegetation have grown up quite a bit and visibility into the marsh is limited until fall. We did collect some trash, maybe 10 gallons, but with the plant life up as it is, much of the debris that I haven't yet removed will be hidden from sight until October. Anyway, gave K a good tour as I am uber familiar with this part of the lake. Then, through the cut and south to the bottom of Portage Bay where we took out and walked back up the hill.

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