Wednesday, March 11, 2020


We've had a string of nice weather, but today was the first in awhile to come without gusty winds.  Today would also bring a very high tide and the opportunity to paddle wherever I wanted with uninterrupted views. 

Recently, I've been thinking about folklore and how people who lose touch with their folk stories lose a piece of themselves.  I set my camera to sepia, as I often do when I'm thinking about such things. Below is a sculpture that I have in a current show.
Huldre - found objects and horse hair

I set out from Foote Bridge, up in the forest and near the upper limit of paddling for this river.  Setting out, the water still had 2 feet to rise.  The wind was at my back and more than made up for the flood current that was opposing my outbound travel.

This is about time for the Osprey to return and while none were sighted today, it will not be long.
A Red Throated Loon was fishing in the first bends below the RR bridge.  They are common spring visitors often seen near river mouths.

I passed down through the Sneak with more than enough water and flushed about a dozen Black Ducks in Bailey Creek.  I also spotted a few Buffleheads and one Red Tail Hawk. It was otherwise a quiet bird day.  On my return I drifted in on the Loon.  It dove a few times to hunt but when I was about 75 yards away it dove again and resurfaced only when it was a 100 yards behind me.

Near the Duck Hole Farms

Hooded Mergansers

Foote Bridge and the newly fallen tree.

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