Thursday, September 12, 2019

To the Dragonfly Factory

 I set out from the Feral Cat Park heading upstream into a headwind, a river current and a tidal ebb flow.  It is a slow crawl against a steady 10-15 mph wind, but the air is fresh and the noise of the wind is blanking out any of the outside influences. 

It takes about 1-1/2 times as long to get up to the Dragonfly Factory.  But, this is where I start to see significant birds.  From a distance I had spotted two mature Bald Eagles circling and soaring on the prowl.  Two immature Bald Eagles show up and I start adding a Great Blue Heron sighting at rather short intervals and there are several Great Egrets perched in the nearby trees.
Three Great Egrets and a Great Blue Heron
All told I figure that I've spotted 4-5 Bald Eagles, a dozen Great Blue Herons and a dozen Great Egrets.

I circle the first island above the Dragonfly Factory and then cross the river to explore two inlets that I have neglected for far too long.  The upper inlet ends in about 200 yards and is nothing special other than the shore birds seem to like the innermost corner.  The lower inlet continues farther than expected and becomes a creek.  I'm stopped by a low bedrock shelf that the creek slides over.  It is far enough and I'll consult the maps when I get home.

On the return the missing Osprey show up near Peck's Mill....4 individuals.

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