Saturday, August 17, 2019

Return Performance

I headed back to the same stretch of the Housatonic that I was in two days ago.  It occurred to me that S had never been up there.
We set out from the Boy Scout landing.  Even though it was a weekend, the traffic would be light in the morning due to the partly cloudy weather.  It doesn't take too long to get up into areas where the motorboats can't speed along, so they don't go there.

Today the leftmost gate on the dam was open.
S thought the trip to be good, especially as the river gets better the farther up you go, and it doesn't take a huge or long effort to get there.

The water was down a couple inches, something you might not notice except for subtle changes in the rock garden.  I introduced S to eddy hopping going up through the rock garden as far as the portage. There were no Eagles around today although S thought the nest to be a good one.  Then we dropped back down through the rock garden, eddied out and picked our way back up through it one more time using a slightly different route before heading out.  S thought it a good class in reading water and using the river current to do the work.

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