Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Lover's Leap

I returned to the same stretch of river that I was in yesterday, although I started about 2 miles upstream at the bridge launch.  It will be a warm day, near 90, but I start early and should be off the water before it gets too uncomfortable.

I'm in the water by a quarter after 8 and follow the east shore closely.  Although it is still cool, the sky is clear and I take advantage of the shade while I can because there will be nowhere to hide coming back once the sun has arced over the river.  The densely forested hillsides are steep with numerous rock outcrops.  If one could replace the maples, oaks and poplars with western red cedar and Douglas fir, it would look just like the Northwest.

There is almost no traffic on the river.  In fact, it takes a 1/2 hour of paddling for me to come across the first boat - fishermen.  They move off before I can get within 500 yards. 

Two Bald Eagles fly past, about 2 minutes between them.  I spot a pair of Kingfishers working the shady shore.

Just short of Poison Ivy Island I spot the flickers of a couple dozen paddles in the distance.  They turn out to be oars...a convoy of rowing shells.  They turn before I can get within a quarter mile. 

Two hours out I reach Lover's Leap.   It's a 1/4 mile long canyon bounded by cliffs on either side.

I return as I came.  A light breeze comes up from behind, cooling slightly and giving me a small push.

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