Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Quinnipiac River

It rained hard last night but the day turned out good with warm temperatures and a light wind and a thick overcast.  It's not a good photography day.

I set out upriver on the Quinnipiac from the top of the dreaded phragmites section.  That part of the river is just like paddling through a cornfield, yet it is the most recommended stretch.  Heading up the river takes on a wild feel if one can filter out the noise that comes in from nearby highways.  It's difficult for a person on foot to reach the river in most places.  In fact, from the river the bank looks quite jungle like.  It is rare to see anyone in here.

The water is high but the current is moderate and it is easy going up against it.  Osprey are overflying the river fairly often and Red Wing Blackbirds are calling out from the cattails and shrubs. 

About 45 minutes up the river is cut banked and some fairly tall trees can tumble in and block progress.  With few paddlers in here, sometimes the blockages never get cut (and some of them are definitely chainsaw sized projects).  I never know how far I can go.

I zigzag through two or three tangles and cut a couple of limbs before getting to a deadfall (a bit over one hour out) that will have to be clambered over.  The distance is good enough for the day and I turn back.

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