Friday, September 14, 2018

Great Day with a Friend

I set out with M from Ely's Ferry and headed upriver following the east shoreline.  We talked about a lot of things as we always, science, nature, friends.  As we neared the mouth of Hamburg Cove a mature Bald Eagle flew by.

The Selden  Channel was near glassy smooth.  In fact, it was a still and quiet day with little boat traffic anywhere.  We just paddled in peace.

From the top of Selden Island, where another Eagle was perched, we continued upriver to the Chester Hadlyme Ferry where we beached the canoe and made the hike up to Gillette Castle, since M had never seen the entirely bizarre "castle".  There is a fine view of the Connecticut River from that point also.  Gillette may have built a weird house, but he sure did know location.

We returned to the canoe, skimmed the cliffs so that M could see the remains of Gillettes miniature train rail system, which featured trestles that ran out and along the cliff faces overlooking the river.
Then, we returned down the main channel of the river.  ...a great day with a friend.

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