Sunday, December 24, 2017

Raw Day

I call it "halfway" when I get to the Gravel Flats.  I could wade the 150 yards or so, but I see no point - this trip has already reached "good enough".
I put in at the sea with much more wind than expected given that it was calm when I left the house.  The wind chill is downright nippy.  But, the tide is near low and I am down in the banks where I can find, from time to time, protection from the breeze.  I head up the main river knowing that the Sneak will not hold enough water for passage, yet. 

I spook ten Buffleheads at the second bend.  Otherwise, it is pretty quite until I get up to the Big Bends, where I find the action as I did on my last trip.  I figure that I flush about 75 Black Ducks with a few Mallards in the mix.  They commonly intermingle and are even capable of breeding together.  Other than coloration, there is little difference in appearance.  There are also a couple types of wintering sandpiper-ish birds (Dunlin).  Unlike the ducks, they are quite undisturbed by my presence.
Tomorrow people will celebrate the birth of a middle eastern Jewish boy to migrant parents that gave birth in a barn.  Let that sink in.

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