Monday, January 16, 2017

Indian River Bridges

I stop at the new deadfall that has come down spanning the river remembering that I did not remember to pack my saw.  I am an hour out with a headwind on the return, so I decide to use my time to explore other spots on the way out instead of using it to clamber over and around the obstruction.  I my next trip here I can clear a passage in 20 or 30 minutes.


There is little ice on the water except in the harbor and most of that is older and attached to the shore.  Only in one short stretch do I have to touch ice and that has been broken to a chum by the oyster boats that are still going in and out of the harbor on a daily basis.

the first bridge
At the mouth of the harbor I spot 8 buffleheads and one loon.  I find a second loon at the narrows halfway up Gulf Pond.  Loons can be found with fair certainty where there is a current, which I'm sure aids in their submerged fishing.  Gulf Pond holds some geese and black ducks, as usual at this time of year.
the railroad bridge
The flood current shoots me under the railroad bridge - timing is everything on this route as the water backs up a foot or so high at the narrow opening.  I spook a flock of 15 common mergansers as I come out of the passage.  Here starts the Indian River.  It winds it's way along through a wide wetland that keeps the surrounding town at a distance. The tight bends can bring one close to a variety of waterfowl.  I spotted a least bittern on my last trip.  This time it is some mallards, some hooded mergansers and a few wood ducks at the deadfall that marked halfway.short passage.
the lowest bridge

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