Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Post Rain

The rain ceases before I can get started but it leaves a beautiful sky of near grey clouds backed by a dark blue and rain filled overcast.  It is near high tide with a light south or west wind when I put in and paddle out into the marsh.

The spartina alternaflora is as high as it will get this season and with the seed tops projecting an additional foot above the grasses it creates the illusion of a lower tide.  The amount of open and deep enough water tells the truth. 

I set out to paddle the marsh counter clockwise noting the lack of osprey and that most of the other birds are rather low key.  The swallows are the best advertised - constant action throughout the trip as they fatten on whatever insect has chosen to take to the air.  I find a few night herons of both species, a few great blue herons, 3 oyster catchers at the point,

and several egrets.  With the high tide, many of these birds are back a few yards from the waters edge, although still standing a few inches deep.  I flush a couple dozen black ducks as I go, here and there.

Beaver Creek
I finish the day with a paddle up beaver creek with a bit of the ebb tide begin to run.  I find a couple yellow crowned night herons and a couple of snowy egrets.

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