Thursday, July 7, 2016

Murder of Crows

We put in at the bottom of low tide near the mouth of the river.  The mud below where the spartina grows was exposed and while our options were limited by low water, that mud would draw a different selection of birds out into plain sight.

The osprey were not particularly busy this morning.  Most were near their nests or soaring much to high to be actively fishing.  The willets, on the other hand, were active keeping an eye on the areas surrounding their nests, as is their mission in life.  The first birds of note were a pair of oyster catchers, not a common occurrence in this part of the marsh except when the water is low.

HK under the stone arch birdge

HK drove a new Orukayak, a very clever and well designed folding kayak.  It took us not much longer than 15 minutes to assemble it...which is quite good for a first time.  It started as a rectangle the size and shape, but not the weight, of a large suitcase.  I must say it did exactly what it was intended to do...a portable and fully functional recreation kayak. 

The predicted heat of the day did not quite materialize as a steady overcast of clouds and a light wind off of the sea kept things warm, but not hellish. 

Overflying glossy ibises were common and as we paddled more and more snowy egrets began to show up.  As the marsh goes from salt to brackish, we found a pair of great blue herons, and then marsh wrens and a couple of kingfishers.  I turned us at the stone arch bridge, the distance enough for HK's first paddle in some time, and also a good turn as we just reach the bottom of the fresh water marsh at that point.

Crows were very active in the lower marsh when we had returned there.  I don't know the reason, but the willets were busy keeping an eye on them.  At one point a number of crows touched down in the same spot of the spartina.  I beached my canoe and walked over to see what was there finding only a thin pile of dried grass.  It had no indication of being a nest...but perhaps the crows saw it that way.

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