Sunday, June 26, 2016

Back in the Canoe

I put in at the feral cat park after a long three weeks out of the canoe.  I head up and around Pope's Flat skirting the spartina cut banks watching for specimens to collect.  The tide is low and once I turn the upriver tip of the flat (island) I ride down stream on the river's native current.

the old landing

I pick up a bright yellow bird killer (lost fishing lure) from Carting Island and continue down stopping next among the old pilings and beams that are embedded in the east shore.  It doesn't show on maps, but it has the appearance of an industrial landing.  In the clutter is the bottom of a wooden speedboat and the corroded remains of a V-8 boat engine.  I collect a part from the engine.

A mile more and I enter the Wheeler Marsh noting the usual summer birds as I continue - osprey, mallards, swans, willets, wrens, redwing blackbirds, and lots of egrets.  At Milford Point I find two oyster catchers on the rocky beach.

I am early for the tide and find myself waiting for the level to rise.  I wait, write and then push on, but I run up to mudflat that I don't have the patience for.  I turn back and head upstream, aided by the flood tide.

Summer is a time of harsh light unless one starts early or late.  I take only a few photos.

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