Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Fog Rolls In

I'm not going through that bridge today.  The basin is brimful, short spartina grass awash with a high tide that turned a short hour back.  It won't be long until most of the Menunketesuck marsh is trying to run through that 20 foot gap.   If I go through, I won't be coming back for a few hours.

It is grey and dark under a thick layer of clouds, one that not even a faint disc of sun will show through.  It sprinkles lightly with temperatures under 40F... nasty stuff if one isn't prepared.  But, it is calm for the first time in several days.  I will have the river to myself.

I pass a dead horseshoe crab, upside down and still with all of its legs and bits.  Usually, you just find the outer shell.  It is impressive how little there is under the huge carapace.  It's a spider in a double garage. (I will find four of these today)

dead horseshoe crab

With the bridge being a self-imposed limit, I have time to explore the two long arms that drain the outer reaches of the marsh.  They are much more serpentine than the main channel, tightly meandering with swirling eddies in some of the bends as the tide flows out.  There is little in the way of birds....the only ones that I can identify are mallards.

As the tide goes out, the fog rolls in.

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