Saturday, August 9, 2014

Leveling in the East

S drops me off at the East River put-in and leaves to do errands.  I set out on the most perfect of summer days - low 80's, no humidity, a light breeze and sun.  Perfect days lack pizazz.  Give me something wilder.  But, I need the leveling of a canoe trip, perfect weather or not.

The put-in was occupied by people drawn to the perfect day, futzing with their seldom used boats, struggling with preperations that should be routine, but aren't.   It reminds me of why I don't belong to a canoeing club.  I unload and paddle off in less than five minutes, and I head up the less visited Neck River because I doubt that any of them knows about the high tide sneak across the spartina back into the East.  And, I'm pretty much on my own from then on.

Yellow Legs sitting back a ways from the river.

Wren nest in phragmites

Wren nest

When I return, a person from the state is safety checking each and every boater as they come to the launch site, checking for PFDs, whistles (a state law), licenses for motorcraft.  I pack my gear and take the canoe out and wait for fifteen minutes for S to arrive.  The safety monitor never says one word to me.  I take it as a compliment.


Bonnie said...

Will you send me some phragmites when it fluffs out? I would be most grateful

ncmc said...

I notice there is sign there now at the Neck River-Bailey Creek confluence.