Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Trip to Danger Dam

I set out from the boy scout put-in after getting lost three times on the way there.  It's not that difficult to get there, but one wrong turn and it has to all be made up from scratch.

The wind had come up by the time I put in and heading upriver would not be prudent should the wind increase.  So, downriver although there is no current, and upwind it is.  The wind is stiff, almost stopping the canoe when it gusts, but it skims across the surface and creates no waves.

On this section of the river, the summer invasion is in full swing.  The quiet of the off season is replaced by people and far too many motorboats, but I'm here and there is skill to be honed in grinding into a wind. 

I turn back some distance short of the Danger Dam at Shelton.

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