Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Catching the Tide

It seems that I have a tide to catch.

I spot the loons as soon as I put my paddle to work.  I should've seen them from land as I finished my portage, but I suppose there are a great many things that I have not seen while out of the canoe.

By the Flag Rocks, I have seen four loons and heard a fifth laughing, unseen in the light choppy waves.  By the time I reach the Oyster River, I have spotted seven.

It is a high high tide today, just a few inches short of record levels and the ride upstream into the Oyster River is swift.  I flush a couple flocks of black ducks, a dozen each, while drifting up to and past the trolley bridge foundations.  A couple of yellow legs follow, and I watch a flock of 60, or so, Canada geese over the marsh grass from one meander back.  They fly off while I am cutting someone's old discarded bait line - kite string with a chicken bone at the end.  I sit and drift in and the blueberry soup gets poured.

I leave some 45 minutes past high tide and the current is still rushing in...the lead and lag of reservoirs that I studied in engineering school, the Oyster River always trying to catch up with the sea, but never getting there.  I remember that never got those calculations right - I suppose that I'm better at being the river.

The seas have calmed.

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