Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Aquaduct

A late osprey flies past just as I am setting the canoe into the river.

Sunlight reflecting on the water. 
a brilliant endless shimmer,
rapid staccato Morse Code,
too fast to read,
a warning from Mother Nature? 
an SOS?
or just documentation of what ocurred in the furnace 8 minutes ago.

Once in awhile, I push a few wood ducks ahead of me, until they find good cover and wait unseen for me to pass.  I do likewise to some common mergansers that are in for the winter. 

I found the remains of the Farmington Canal Aquaduct, which crossed the Farmington River.  The Aquaduct was 280 feet long and 50 feet high and consisted of seven stone arches.   Up until 1955, the pillars still stood in the river, but a flood that year damaged them and they were knocked down.

Remains of the Farmington Canal Aquaduct - East side of river

Remains of the Farmington Canal Aquaduct - West side of river
 I went upriver for 2 hours and 10 minutes.  I got back to where I started in 1hour and 10 minutes.

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