Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Heading Towards "I Dunno"

The report said East winds at 5mph, but it doens't feel it.  No, the onshore wind is hardly there at all and I set out on the sleepiest of waves - half a foot high at most and nearly two canoe lengths peak to peak.  These are tired waves that have come a good distance from somewhere where there is some wind.  One wouldn't notice them if they weren't so long and slow.  You'd fall asleep on them if you didn't keep paddling.

I head north towards "I dunno".  Several fishermen are soaking lines from the ends of the Flag Rocks, the rocks fully exposed at low tide.  I hoped for some interesting birds - the winter birds, but the birds all seem to be asleep along with the waves.  I wonder when the long tail ducks will arrive with their brilliant black and whiteness and none stop chattering, a nasal...uh....uh uh, over and over again.  Their nesting grounds should be well frozen by now, but a bird that can nest that far north is probably in no hurry to get here.  I suppose that as long as it stays ahead of the freeze, it should be just fine.

In the distance, an oystercatcher.  In the foreground, an oystercatcher.

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