Friday, August 16, 2013

Stupid People take me off my game

I set out from home in sunny and almost calm weather.  The tide is dropping, the high tide being a bit before I like to wake up.  This limits my options since many of the rivers go shallow or have unbeatable currents when they go to low tide.

I head south along the shore and when I get to Merwin Point, I bear out towards Charles Island.
The weekend approaches.  The amateur hour is nigh.  Fortunately, in the calm, the sound of boat motors carries far.

Charles Island.  A bird sanctuary closed to the public during the summer, except for the stupid people who assured me that they could walk around the edge of it.  They even take time to read the well-placed sign, and ignore it.  In all the time and chance meetings that I have had in my canoe, I have never once convinced anyone to stop doing something foolish, dangerous or downright stupid, and it is always someone with marginal skills in rental boat.  But, that is summer in a town where people come for vacations.  That is why someone drowns near Charles Island every year.  That is why I don't come this direction on summer weekends.
An immature bald eagle came in and perched in a tree on the seaward side of the island as I paddled by.  It should be hunting, but the stupid people will scare it off.  I hope it craps on them.

After rounding the island, I continued into Gulf Pond, continued out of Gulf Pond, and returned home in a mild chop with a light steady wind out of the south.

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