Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I did not write

I did not write anything while in the canoe.  I went to the West River for the first time.

Four great blue herons.  Three common mergansers.  Quite a few red-wing blackbirds.  Calls from songbirds all around.

There was a strong current in places that made the trip upstream just barely possible.  It might have been the low tide.  It might have been the heavy rain from yesterday.  It might have been both.  It might just be the way things are.

I did not feel like messing with the big straining downed tree at the Derby Avenue Bridge, and I did not feel like portaging over the road.  So, I drifted back.  Whatever it was that keeps me from making stuff was gone.  The canoe had done everything it was asked of.

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nsarmila said...

dear scott, i am sarmila from kerala. i didn't come in blogger for a long time. today i came and met you here, just now. its like meeting an old friend ! ok, these pics are very nice. the last one, its tone and mood i love. thank you. and i want to come there once in my life, to spent long hours in your canoe, to be with nature's quietitude. yes, once i want to come to experience .