Friday, September 16, 2011

Summer no more

I put in at the nameless lagoon and head north, crossing the ship canal as a huge barge is pushed my way.  Today is a dry run for an upcoming wildlife swamp tour and I need to see what can be seen.  Summer vegetation is still thick and so this is not the best time of year to view wildlife and wildlife signs.  Unfortunately, the ideal time for that is between late fall and early spring when the water is dangerously cold and not a good combination with beginning canoe skills.

Coots appear to be returning, there are quite a few near the west tip of #1 island.  I spot a green-winged teal in the mix as well.  Cormorants have been back for almost two weeks and there are more ducks out in mid-bay than there have been for several months.  It is no longer summer.

3-Stars waves me over as I get near my exit point.  He confirms my observation about the new beaver lodge on the east end of Marsh Island.  He has seen the beaver swimming to it several times.  We both laugh about the amount of castoreum that the beaver have sprayed there.  As usual, we chat about wildlife and the marsh for more than a half hour.

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