Friday, August 26, 2011

No more hoopla

What I notice most this morning is the silence from the redwing blackbirds and marsh wrens.  Since April their voices have been an almost constant in the marsh, but for the last 2 weeks they seemed to have gone still.  I suppose, their mates chosen, nests built, eggs laid and hatched, they are just getting on with it - the big hoopla having subsided.  I put in from a lesser used spot on the burial island.  A few of the scent mounds have been freshly splashed and as I exit the east marsh, I find a male redwing blackbird picking bugs off of the lotus pads and silently confirming his existence.  The water is very low now, and the canoe moves laboriously, the physics of a bow wave meeting a shallow bottom with no place to dissipate.

immature sora rail
Along the north shore I find an immature sora rail, a bird I've never seen before.  It is walking close to shore on the lotus pads and does not hurry away when I stop to watch.

I continue on to the south end of the dead lake.

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