Sunday, September 5, 2010


S and I portage down to the aptly named Portage Bay, although we do not get there by the ancient portage, which has long ago been covered by road and houses. We come down through the heavily wooded ravine that founders of the city preserved. We don't talk much on this walk. It is our 23rd wedding anniversary. It seems that all that needs to be said is being said without words. We just hold hands as the portage goes on.
The morning's gray has given way to a beautiful day with patchy sky and just a little more wind than is ideal. We pass through the crossing under place and circle the bay, noticing that the ducks have regained their colors. Cormorants, recent arrivals, are in the eagle perch on the railroad island. We cross the bay so that S can see where the floating cattail island has finally set as the water level of the lake drops.

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