Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dodging a Pointless Eddy

It takes 95 strokes to go from mid-bridge in the crossing under place to the Haida pole.

I put in on Portage Bay. Politics and other debris swirl, a powerful and pointless eddy in my head, until I set myself in my canoe, cutting through the lily pads, moving north to the crossing under place.

Many geese are at the south side of Broken Island today. I found 8 or 9 goose nests this spring, and most of them were raided before hatching, so the numbers of young geese is a surprise. They had found good nest sites where my canoe would not go.It is cool and cloudy with a light breeze from somewhere in the east. I circle Union Bay staying 100 yards out from the cattails and taking in a different view than I normally do.

Then, I paddle south down the big lake, something else that I don't do that often.

I am readjusted.

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