Friday, April 16, 2010

Goosis Canadensis

Okay, I made that up. I get to the big lake after noon and set out in sunny sixty something degree weather with a very light wind. I don't particularly like days like this because it means that I will have to share the lake soon. All winter long, in the rain, cold and wind, I have had the lake to myself.
In Union Bay, I find one of the eagles high in an evergreen on the east shore. I am now aware that there are fewer ducks on the bay, although I'm not sure who exactly is missing, yet. The buffleheads are here with some scaups and widgeons. Coots are still around, but not as many as I remember. Common Mergansers are just beginning to group together. They will be the last to leave the bay, but not until they join up as a flock.

new nest in the NE lagoon

I paddle through the sneak opening into the NE lagoon and find the big female eagle, but unfortunately, I don't see it until it takes flight. The water level is the highest I have ever seen and the little island here is submerged except for a small patch that has a new goose nest on it. She holds her head low and absolutely motionless. I wonder if the eagle was interested in the nest. I've never seen them raid a goose nest, but they sure could if they wanted to.

Red wing blackbirds are sitting in the very tops of the old cattails today, showing off their beautiful shoulder bars.

There are a lot of turtles and I spot a hubcap sized snapper in the north marsh.

As I near #1 island, an eagle flies past and begins hunting something on the far end of the island. It gives up pretty quickly and I find a flock of coots when I get over there.

The west lodge goose nest has been raided. Two eggs are smashed and two, that may or may not be whole, are tumbled out of the nest.

I cut through Broken Island and flush a goose from its nest, a nest so well hidden that I did not see it. This is bad, so I hurry away as quick as possible so that the goose can return. I watch and they take their leisure is good that it is so warm today.


Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Kathleen Faulkner said...

I know what you mean by having a special place all to yourself.. up here in the Skagit, tourists are EVERYWHERE admiring the tulips..I won't go anywhere near the fields until the end of the season.
Also, I like your new i.d. for goose.. :-)