Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Part 2 - DD8 and DD9

Dry Dock #8 (just barely in view on the left) and Dry Dock #9

You can't see much from land, but this is where the big boats go,
the ocean going, the working class, the boats that know the harsh difference between the lore of the sea and - the reality of the sea.
Each year, one or two don't return. The ones that do might come here.
Re-fitted, re-painted, re-worked, re-launched.
Paint is chipped, broken metal cut off, new metal welded on.
DD8 is where the Wawona, 165 feet of wooden schooner,
rotting in the water, was erased.

Unrepairable, un-seaworthy, uneconomical.
I saw the tops of her decks in DD8 on her last day.

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nsarmila said...

AH! very exciting to listen to your own REAL scott...