Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I put in on portage bay in the early afternoon. Dark clouds are moving in from the west. Where I grew up one could expect a ferocious thunderstorm and high winds out of such clouds, but here it will most likely just be rain, and it is already windy. Some coots in Portage Bay. Exiting the cut I spot a common merganser. A big flock of coots is moving out in mid-bay, so I look for an eagle and find one in a semi-hover a few hundred yards north. It retreats to the paper birch on one of the islands to rest before continuing with the hunt. I don't circle the bay today, but hang closer to shore due to the weather. I see two nutria not far from the eagle's perch. The temperature drops and it starts to rain hard. I head down into the protection of the south lagoons where I eventually take out.
Today's photo courtesy of the dumping rainstorm that followed.

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Elizabeth Winder Noyes said...

Love it, Scott. We have a beaver lodge down south close to Lakewood Marina. You're going to be down here for sure soon, yes?