Friday, October 2, 2009


I set out in the rain. Fall has arrived with the steady winds that come with it although today is calm, the first calm day in several. The rain drops absorb the traffic noise that one usually hears on the big lake. Only a whir of industrial toys that are nearby is discernible. This weather will mean few others on the water today. After a mile the rain lets up some, and the noise of cars on the floating bridge returns. As I near the north
marsh I recover my first 1970's beer can of the fall season. The lake level has dropped two feet and the marsh is giving up it's treasures as the bog stuff contorts. The ducks and coots are up here today, as usual. There are dozens of exposed pilings now. At one time a railroad stub ran out onto a pier in this area. I do not know for sure if these pilings are the remains, but they are in the right location. The trees and shrubs are beginning their shift to fall colors. Shades of purer green are giving way to tinges of yellow and red. The cattails and irises now have yellow edges on their spears and the collective effect says, "fall"


nsarmila said...

you might have paddled in the rain just like how i used to be alone walking with my umbrella in a heavy other noise ....only the murmuring of the rain drops and the solitude it creates....i knew it....thank you scott

nsarmila said...

one thing i forgot to tell you...this snap, the view is fantastic..It looks like a water painting !