Thursday, August 13, 2009


All morning, my head has useless clutter echoing inside. I can't get started on anything, don't want to make art. It's time to be away. I walk my canoe to Lake Union. It is mostly calm and cloudy and it could rain at anytime. I head out across the lake towards the Fremont canal and when I get there I decide to keep heading west. Once through the canal, the paddling becomes much more industrial, but in an interesting way. There are a couple of tugboat companies, including Foss, who have massive ocean going tugs and their own drydock and shipyard (the tugs in the photo are a competitor, Foss's boats are green). From here I keep going all the way to Fishermen's Terminal where the best fish-n-chips in town can be had. I eat near the fishermen's memorial, a very nice piece of sculpture in the right location. I head back and take out and Good Turn Park and walk a mile and a half home. There is less clutter in my head.

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